Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wake Me Up When It's Over

Matt Damon called me today to remind me to vote for Barack Obama. I don't think it was him, really, just a tape recording. At least, he wouldn't stop to answer questions.

I love politics. And I'm sick of this election.

Has anyone ever cast a vote because Matt Damon persuaded them to do so?

I paid for an Obama/Biden car magnet over the internet (at the campaign website) just before the DNC convention. I still don't have it. I'm tempted to buy a McCain/Palin magnet, and put the one that comes first on my car.

And how about a VP debate drinking game for tomorrow night?
  • A chug every time Palin mentions "hockey mom".
  • A chug every time Biden mentions the nuns at Catholic school growing up.
  • A chug every time Palin says "nucular". If "nucular" is followed by an attempt at "proliferation," finish your drink.
  • A chug every time Biden says "Scranton".
  • A chug every time Palin mentions the Bridge to Nowhere or the airplane that was(n't) sold on eBay.
  • Finish your drink whenever Biden tells you that he takes the train home every day.
  • A chug every time Palin says "gotcha journalism," "maverick," or "reformer." Finish your drink anytime she mentions her son in Iraq.
  • A shot (preferably of Stolichnaya) anytime Russia's proximity to Alaska is mentioned.
Any additions?

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