Thursday, October 09, 2008

Never Know Who You Pass

On my way home from work tonight at a little past 6PM, I was faithfully following the speed limit (plus a little) down I-71. Over in the northbound lanes I started to see a line of motorcycle cops cruising along with their lights flashing. After a half dozen or so CHiPS look-a-likes, I could see more flashing lights and a big bus up ahead. I felt heartened that I might be passing Obama after his speech in Hyde Park. I wanted to attend the event, but I had to work. It sounds like a huge crowd came and that getting there was a mess. I was surprised they used Ault park as the location. It makes for a great photo, but a horrible place to get tens of thousands of people in and out of.

As the bus got closer I saw to my chagrin the name "Palin" on the front. Disappointment came over me like a huge waive and it was only a fraction of a second later that I was back focusing on the driving. I felt sorry for the traffic jam that lasted on I-71 Northbound from around the Cross County to nearly all the way Downtown.

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