Thursday, October 16, 2008

Panic and Fear From WLW

It isn't a shock, but I feel it important to be point out what Willie Cunningham is saying on the radio about what would happen if Obama loses. This type of racial stereotyping is not new for Cunnigham, but this is a new low. Spreading panic and fear is just how Cunningham and others of his ilk make a living, and it pushes the divide on race in America further apart.

Cummingham fans will say he is just joking. The problem is that too many of his fans don't know he often says stuff to get a rise out of people. In the past, this type of comment is something he would never back down from when interviewed. It would be a miracle if WLW lowered the level of bigotry it allows on it the air, but they would have to replace half of their on air programming.

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