Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Interesting Factoid With Ten Days To Go In This Long Campaign

For 80 years, all successful Republican presidential tickets have had either a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket. That would be since the election of Hoover / Curtis in 1928. Looks like McCain / Palin will not break this string, barring a miracle like some white female campaign worker being mugged by a 6'4" black guy who carves a "B" for Barack in her face, while chanting "Obama is a muslim, born in Kenya, and Bill Ayers is god" --- oh wait, they tried that yesterday but it was a fake --- reminder that if you are going to look in the mirror and carve a "B" for Barack in your face, take into account that the mirror will cause you to carve it backwards, unless you adjust for that. It should look like a B, not a
--- ooops, did it again.

Well, there is Jeb waiting in the wings --- Palin / Bush 2012.

How many people actually agree with Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage that Obama is really not in Hawaii visiting his dying grandmother, but is really there to destroy evidence that he was born in Kenya and not the US? (Wasn't John McCain born in Panama?) I am just trying to find out how large the tinfoil hat brigade really is.

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