Sunday, October 19, 2008

Abuse of Power By Deters

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters is using his office in an attempt to intimidate voters for Obama. Deters only took 40% of those who voted and registered early. What was that 40% based on? Did he have access to those registrations? Did he have party ID or address to select certain votes? Who is Deters serving? If he had credible and SPECIFIC allegations of fraud, he would not need to go after this volume. This is a violation of privacy that there is no evidence will produce any violation of the law.

Based on the article it appears he has acted not at the request of the BOE, who was required by the Secretary of State to report voter fraud to the Prosecutor, but instead from someone outside, with no conceivable knowledge of voter fraud from this number of instances.

Deters must step forward and reveal the source of the allegation of any fraud. Going on a fishing expedition on behalf of the Republican Party or even more egregious the McCain Campaign directly is an abuse of power and grounds for an investigation of Deters himself. The Attorney General needs to step forward and investigate Deters.

UPDATE: Here is more from 700-WLW and yes, it is just a press release with no research or detail added. The only redeeming quality about the story is the fact they put the following in quotes:
He says his office has received "numerous credible complaints" of irregularities.
Where did Deters get these complaints? Who are they from? If these reports are not from the BOE, then how are they credible? What independent evidence could there be other than the politically motivated false charges being leveled against ARCORN, which are bogus. TPM has the full background on the entire trumped up Republican political ploy.

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