Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fountain Square Broomball FAQ

The Fountain Square Broomball League sign-ups began yesterday, here are the details:

WHAT: Team registration for the 2009 Fountain Square Broomball League (FSBL), the third season for Broomball on Fountain Square.

WHEN: Sign ups begin Monday October 27 and close Friday November 14 at 5 pm

WHERE: Go to www.myfountainsquare.com to download the registration form. Registration forms will not be available until Oct. 27.

WHO CAN PLAY: Anyone over 18! The 2009 FSBL will include 32 teams: 16 Advanced and 16 Beginner. Teams can include up to 12 players. Six players are on the ice at a time and at least three must be women. The 32 teams will be selected by lottery and announced before Thanksgiving.

HOW LONG IS THE SEASON: Six weeks starting January 5. Games are played on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Championship games will be played for both Advanced and Beginner leagues on Wednesday, February 18.

WHAT IS BROOMBALL ANYWAY: Broomball combines elements of soccer and hockey. Players wear gym shoes, not skates, and use sticks with a small, broom-shaped head to pass the ball and score goals.

CAN I WATCH INSTEAD OF PLAY: Of course. It's free to watch the games, and adult beverages are available. Live announcers call each game and the Fountain Square video board becomes a giant TV with a scoreboard, time clock and live camera coverage.

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