Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shocked, Shocked I Tell You!

I am totally shocked that the Cincinnati Enquirer would endorse an entire slate of Republicans for Congress.

Yes, if you really think I am shocked, then you are an ignorant fool.

The Enquirer Editorial Board is totally out of touch with the fact the all of these representatives have done VIRTUALLY NOTHING for this area. The only Republican to actually have done "something" (and that's not saying that much) for the area was Rob Portman and he is not running. I would have thought the Enquirer might have a real reason why they support an entire Republican slate, but they don't. When I mean real, I mean credible.

Instead we get the disingenuous:
To deal with these issues and the crises we do not yet see, the United States needs a Congress willing to work together without partisan rancor.
McConnell, Boehner, Chabot, and Schmidt are as partisan as they come.

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