Sunday, May 06, 2007

Warped Sense of Party Loyalty

There can be little question that Jeff Berding and David Crowley are not working together to help each other get reelected. Berding's negative efforts are most clear in the CityBeat Blog post:
Later, Jeff Berding — Crowley’s Democratic colleague on council — was quoted in a newspaper column criticizing Crowley. Berding stated: “Can you believe it? This is the guy who wants to tell the generals how to run the war in Iraq, but in this case he says we’re in no position to judge, that we shouldn’t stand up for the family of a slain police officer.” Also, Berding added, “It shows a warped value system.”
Berding is acting like he's a Republican and is doing so on purpose, showing no respect for the party that just recently endorsed him. Saying David Crowley has a warped value system is not only wrong, it is a nasty thing to say. Berding seems to think his only way to win is to campaign on the same issues and stances as Chris Monzel. He will need to have lots of money to win a second term, something he likley can do.

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