Tuesday, May 08, 2007

2007 is the Year of OTR

John Fox has had an excellent editorial in CityBeat last week. The impression I get from it is that like me, John is sensing 2007 could be the year that OTR turns to a positive. He is very right about the need for all interest groups in OTR to work together. To me that means that no one can drag their feet. The biggest feet dragger has been the vocal supporters of the Drop-In Center. It must move. I would bet if they don't move, the center's location will be challenged in court for "housing" sex offenders once the SCPA is completed.

The way to finally tip OTR over to a positive comes in two ways:
  1. Everyone living there must work together to fight the criminal element. If you have to lock up your old friends or relatives, so be it. Also, the long time residents need to work with the newer residents. That means a lot of racial and class mixing. That is a good thing, even outside of the action of fighting crime.
  2. More people should take the challenge up and move to OTR. The condos are going in and the prices certainly beat those in the CBD. This year odds are in favor of this blogger putting his money where his mouth is.

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