Friday, May 04, 2007

Smoking Ban Lack of Impact?

It has been six months since since the smoking ban went into affect and yesterday enforcement went into effect. Most establishments have been following the ban since last December. From the Enquirer we hear both sides to the issue, but my experiences agree with this quote from the article:
Habit's Café in Oakley has not experienced any change in business. In fact, more people are coming in for the food at Habit's, said manager Brian Dobbins.

"It's a non-issue for us," he said. "There are always a few complaints but by and large, everybody's been very happy. Every night I get a customer who says it's a much better environment."
I've heard nothing about a mass exodus over the last 6 months. This weekend, the hardcore smokers may be going to Kentucky, but they will be leaving a small number of bars. Those places, like the Pilot Inn, may face a business down turn, but that conventional wisdom is likely to end up being false. With gas at $3 a gallon, how many Norwood smokers are going to drive to Kentucky to drink? They might do it more a few times, but in the end, they will adapt. Maybe after their first DUI they will have no choice but to walk to the neighborhood bar.

I would expect the standard for new bar construction will include a patio or deck.

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