Monday, May 07, 2007

Berding, Just Move On

Jeff Berding is sounding like a pol on Hardball with this trite quote:

“We don’t put our signatures on something and then say we changed our mind, something better’s come up,” said Councilman Jeff Berding.
Fund small arts group, already.

Berding sounds like he is trying out for higher office with the way he is on the attack all the time. Is he going to run for Congress in a few years?

Bortz comes across poorly too, attacking his fellow Charterite. Who are the "Bortz supporters" who are either playing out Chris's wishes or stepping into a pile of crap, bringing Chris into something he may not want.

We don't need more of the bickering and we really don't need 5 people trying to create an agenda that doesn't seem to be based on much of anything coherent.

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