Monday, May 07, 2007

Portune Working For Rail Transit

Joe Wessels' column this weekend brought news of Todd Portune's efforts in favor of light-rail for the East side. Fitting street cars is interesting, but one that I think easily makes sense. Use light rail to bring people in from the outlying areas, and have them hop on a streetcar to go into CBD/OTR/Pill-Hill to work.

Another interesting point in the column is that Todd is making overtures about a high-speed rail line between Dayton and Cincinnati. Most thinking about the census likely would agree that eventually, Dayton will be included in a combined Cincinnati Metro area. When it will happen is a bigger issue, since it affects much more than broadcast revenues, namely federal funding. Whether high speed rail would be a before or after effect of the Cincinnati-Dayton-NKY-SW Indiana metro area creation is the type of issue we pay politicians like Todd Portune to figure out. Connecting Downtown Dayton to the senior Downtown Cincinnati makes for a great conduit of people that not only would affect commuting, but day/weekend trips would become be a fun/easy activity for Dayton residents.

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