Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bates: The Candidate of Fear?

Is council candidate Melanie Bates trying to tap into the fear vote? In the city I would say she would be misguided. City residents are not the ones afraid of living in the City, that would be a majority of the Suburbanites.

One might argue she is pushing the anger buttons too, but when she says:
Melanie Bates, 53, expected a heightened crackdown on gun violence after her husband's shooting. City officials said they were united in their commitment against gun violence and tried to reassure residents that Cincinnati was safer than most big cities. It seemed - to the Bates family - that officials made little distinction between the killing of a public official's husband, in a residential neighborhood, and frequent drug-related shootings in the inner city.

Some of Bates' anger was directed at Mayor Mark Mallory.

"When Mayor Mallory called and said he was going to have a press conference on crime, I didn't even question it because I assumed it was to announce that he was going to assume some leadership in crime prevention, not telling the city that we really are safe and Phil Bates' death was an anomaly," she said.
I can understand why Mrs. Bates would be personally focused on her husband's murder, but it clearly is an anomaly. The vast majority of murders in Cincinnati and the entire country are either personal or drug related. It is also odd that in this article she comes across as if she was angry at Mallory because her husband didn't get a massive political attention. Why her husband deserved more hoopla than any of the other people murdered is puzzling.

From Bates we have no positive view of where she wants to take the city. I can understand why she doesn't emit anything positive, since its been less than a year since her husband was murdered. In a city council person we need to look forward, and this article is not good for her, he has her looking back and sounding bitter.

Finally, as can be seen I will not hold punches on Mrs. Bates. She chose to run for city council and is basing her campaign on the murder of her husband, therefore she is not above criticism on topic of his murder or her reaction to it.

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