Wednesday, February 21, 2007

State of the City - The Day After

Mallory gave his speech last night. Anyone go? Anyone have an opinion on it? Was it worth hearing? The text of the speech is here (doc).

It sounds like the YP Kitchen Cabinet is doing next to nothing:
Last year, my office created the Young Professional Kitchen Cabinet to help develop strategies to attract and retain young professionals. They are an energetic and passionate group, and they are already working on all types of ideas.

In fact, my office is about to launch one of their ideas. The Young Professionals Kitchen Cabinet with the help of the Youth Council and Rumpke will be running a pilot recycling program in 6 Cincinnati Public Schools. Recycling containers are being delivered this week, and the students will be competing to see which school can recycle the most.
How does this do anything for YP's? A big thing for people to understand is that YPs most of the time DON'T HAVE KIDS!. Sure volunteering is a plus for some YPs, but this is not going to do a damn thing to attract more people to town, it does nothing to keep people here, and it doesn't make the city more interesting for suburban YPs. What real ideas did they have and is the Mayor going to consider or act on any of them? If this is the best they can do or if this is the only thing Mallory can (or will) announce, then I think the YP Kitchen Cabinet is, so far a failure, and waste of time.

UPDATE: CityBeat's blog has more.

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