Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shut The Hell Up!

The Enquirer looks like a fool by printing a series of letters to the editor about the pending Cincinnati City Council Iraq War resolution. NONE OF THE WRITERS LIVE IN THE CITY!!!. Can we have a little bit of relative perspective from people who are actually governed by the politicians considering the resolution????? The funniest part is that they list this at the top of the letters "A sampling of some of the opinions we've received on this topic." Here is what I think it should have stated "A sample of our Conservative readers views, those readers we actually care about."

That idiocy aside, I find myself rather conflicted. On the surface I am strong believer in the City sticking to City Business and staying out of national issues, like abortion. I hope Monzel keeps his trap shut about the Iraq War resolution if he wants to forget about his push to outlaw abortion using City policy. That issue is decided, abortion is legal. He wants to change that, petition your Congressman.

That being said, I agree with what the resolution says, for the most part. What the resolution is missing is making reference to what Bush did right here in Cincinnati by misleading the American people during his speech at Union Terminal. That brings the issue home and has a sliver of relevance to Cincinnati.

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