Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Reason to Move the Drop Inn Center

If you want a homeless shelter that can legally serve all of the homeless, then it is time to move the Drop Inn Center. It's been time to move the Drop Inn Center for years now and I would predict there are many groups who would pay to move the facility to a new location.

At this point, what are the reasons it has not yet moved? Here are the reasons I think I hear the feet draggers either saying or thinking.

  1. 'We' can't move it because the Homeless know where to go now, would suffer when they can't find the new location.
  2. 'We' can't move it because it would be admitting that we don't want the extreme poor around.
  3. 'We' won't move it because we don't want to cave into the business crowd.
  4. 'We' can't move it because we don't have the money.
  5. 'We' can't move it because we can't find a good enough location.
  6. 'We' won't move it because the homeless are our battering ram to force our political views down the upper classes.

Numbers 1, 4, and 5 could be valid reasons, but would be short run issues that with money can be solved. I think the money would be there if those who use the homeless as a political tool would worry more about sustaining the effort to provide services to the homeless, instead of using homelessness as a means to make your political foes look bad.

Are there other legitimate or not-so legitimate reasons to not move the Drop Inn Center?

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