Sunday, February 11, 2007

St. McCain In Town This Week

I'll throw a bone to Republicans and pass on word that Senator (Saint) John McCain will be visiting Cincinnati on Friday. Logically I would conclude the local media will be stumbling over each other to cover St. McCain. the media's darling. Around Cincinnati I really wonder, however, what level of support he will get, making the media's coverage not so intense. He's not well loved by the far rightists for his lukewarm stance on social issues. He's a mainstream Conservative when it comes to social issues, but in the past hasn't made them his focus. In the 2008 primary race I expect he'll go off the social issue deep end, one way or another. Either he'll counter Rudy's pro-gay/pro-choice stances, if Rudy gets into the race, or McCain will go to the middle to try and get the moderate vote if Rudy doesn't get into the race.

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