Monday, February 12, 2007

'Cincinnati Rock Concert Philosophy'

In an almost therapeutic screed "Riggsveda" unleashed a post at the TPMcafe that riddled the culture with bullets mostly aimed at the Right Wing Hypocrites. In the process, however, this screed barreled into two things dear to me, Cincinnati & The Who:
What else? Well, there's the death of public civility on streets, trains, buses and in cars, and the failure of American parents to teach their children anything at all about manners and etiquette. This has led to the Cincinnati rock concert philosophy of life: that we all must be in a constant battle for supremacy with one another, whether it's who goes through a door first, gets a parking space, or gets to change lanes. All of this is directly anathema to the idea behind etiquette: that in order to create a tolerable and decent community, we must all behave graciously and with grace toward each other, meaning at times we back off, suppress our egos, and let someone else have something at our own expense out of sheer kindness. Meaning we treat others as if they were our dear friends, or at least unfortunately demented relatives not responsible for their own behavior.
I don't necessarily disagree with the point of the whole post, but do we have to create another term that denigrates a city and a horrible tragedy that occurred well over 25 years ago? This city has certainly suffered enough from that event and we don't need it put back into our faces, or more importantly, not hung around our collective necks. Including "Cincinnati" is really the injustice in the term. The City didn't create the tragedy. It was truly "the mob", which I believe is the point of the term. Having Cincinnati confused with "the mob" does nothing but put blame were none is deserved.

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