Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Downtown Development

A tip from reader Richard gives word about new Race Street Renovation in a building I've long loved and wished someone would bring back to life:
The beautiful Lyric Piano Building near the corner of 7th and Race is currently undergoing renovations. In the past, the ground level of this building served as a Hardees restaurant (and Burger Chef) and there was speculation a number of years ago that the former owners of The Temple Restaurant were planning a new restaurant at that location. But, I spoke with a lady who works at one of the jewelry stores next door and she said that a very nice couple has purchased the building with plans to use a portion of the structure as a new architectural office and the remaining square-footage as a private residence. It will be great to see this handsome building, which is a favorite of architecture lovers throughout the area, returned to its former glory.

Here's a link with information about the structure, crowned a "blight of the week" by CityBeat in 2002.
Race Street has for a long time needed more renovation. I hope this is just a start with Sully's going in just up the street.

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