Tuesday, February 20, 2007

State of the City

Mayor Mallory gives his State of City address tonight at 7PM at the Aronoff Center. The number one thing I would like him to report on is the progress he is making with the YP Kitchen Cabinet. As of yet, I've heard nothing official about it doing anything but meeting. Meetings can only accomplish more meetings. Actions bring about more actions.

In preparation of the speech, the Enquirer reported on public opinion of the City comparing 2006 to 2007 here is what they stated:
  1. Approval Rate of Mayor Mallory: Positive 2006-60%, 2007-50% That is a damn large drop.
  2. Wrong Track: Yes 2006-59%, 2007-57% About even.
  3. Are You Safe in Your Neighborhood: Agree 2006-42%, 2007-49% A gain!
The Enquirer is asking you to take their unscientific poll, so chime in.

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