Friday, April 14, 2006

Tainting the Jury Pool?

Is this an attempt to taint the jury pool in the Howard Beatty case? Is this a backdoor attempt by the defense to try and sell their fruitless self-defense strategy?


  1. Oh, that's just the start of it. Joy Rolland's telephone number & address have been posted. A "directive" has been issued to start taunting this potential prosecution witness.

    Apparently, we've got a puffed up individual, who claims to work in a law office, who is incredibly stupid in the criminal justice forum.

    Additionally, these people making these threats, taunts & harrassment haven't thought for a second that the Police might be watching some blogs for further bits of information.

    What a bunch of stupid jugheads!

  2. It's 1st Degree Murder with gun specs now, friends. Banjo-brain Beatty is looking at probably 25 to life, plus the 3 year spec charge that will be served first.

    Lame Lawson & his lap dog, Nate, will go down in flames on this one. He's not the slickest attorney in this city.

    On the other hand, that shooter who got off killing that pregnant woman, had Clyde Bennett. Clyde still has game, but some neighborhood groups are mopping the floor up with him. That's no joke. Don't count this case completely out. It'll be interesting to see what other angle Deters' staff takes on it.

    However, Lawson, Clyde, hell, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

    My money says Beatty's on the bus to Lucasville.

  3. I'm willing to wager that Lawson folds like a cheap lawn chair at a yard sale. With that off-duty Sheriff's Deputy witnessing the whole event, this is a done deal. There was a woman who saw at least part of the hit caper. Let's don't forget the people inside City Hall who saw snippets of this mess.

    Beatty's going to be washing dishes & scrubbing nasty toilets for the rest of his days. He's too damned old & ugly to be a prison bride.


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