Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kabaka Oba Dead

The Enqurier is reporting that Kabaka Oba died earlier today.

Mayor Mallory has issued the following statement:
"I want to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Kabaka Oba. I have known Kababa for many years. Even though he was seen as controversial, some of the ideals that he talked about like economic inclusion, equality, and justice cannot be disputed and should be embraced by us all."
I personally found Oba's views to be abhorrent, adding nothing but hate to our local political discourse, but no human being deserves to be murdered.

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  1. Watch your back & your rear view mirrors around those Ghetto Delivervance boys - the Beatty Bros. There's probably more on the hit list.

    And then you've got Nate, who's on their side (figures, doesn't it?) who's now soooo fearful for himself, his kids & the rest of the rental household. Yet, all the while, he's keeping the pot stirred up. That figures, too, doesn't it?

    The issue that just frosts me is at one time Nate sucked & licked up to Kabaka, like a little yes boy. Oba's dead & Nate continues to kick him around. Paybacks are hell.

    Kabaka & I didn't always see eye to eye. I didn't always agree with his agenda & he didn't like mine. However, I didn't hate him. But, he certainly didn't deserve to go down in a hail of bullets at the hand of a lackey, who was no doubt ordered to kill him.

    That self-defense business is absolute baloney. Besides the off-duty Sheriff's Deputy, there was a woman who saw a large part of what was going on, not to mention those peering out the windows of City Hall.

    The deck is stacked against Howie Beatty. It's 25 to life, plus a gun spec charge. Limpy Lawson is going to collapse like a crack house under demolition. His little office boy will have to look for other employment - perhaps the syndicate who has the Beatty Deliverance boys under contract will give him a better job, other than being their little buck private.


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