Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Picture Contradicts Article

I believe this article is talking about the City of Cincinnati proper and Hamilton County, not metro Cincinnati. The picture accompanying this article lists the following caption:
"Mohamad Ramlawi, owner of the Halal Market in West Chester, has some fun with customer Asiya Chaudhry, holding her granddaughter, Eman Chaudhry, 2, of Mason. Ramlawi is a native of Lebanon, and Chaudhry is from India. Immigrants made up almost half of Cincinnati's population in 1850; now they make up just 2.6 percent."
If immigrants are going to save the "city," then how are they going to do when they are out in West Chester? This is a very poor job of Editing. I don't know if this picture or the caption made it to the print edition, but the online version makes the entire article appear off kilter.

UPDATE: Edited for the Lebanon City-Country confusion. That doesn't alter the point of the post.

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