Monday, April 17, 2006


It is not surprising to me, but the Enquirer has called for the firing of NKU professor Sally Jacobsen, who was involved with the dismantling of the anti-abortion religious display on the NKU grounds.

This will likely be the first voice from the right wing for this, it will not be the last. NKU appears weak, and will cave if Kentucky lawmakers jump on the bandwagon. NKU is in the middle of an expansion and will not stand up for a teacher giving them horrible press.

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  1. It's a university. You test ideas. No one commenting, I suppose, has taken a class in higher literary criticism. Are the crosses "property"? Are they then not "speech"? Is the destruction of the crosses a speech act akin to shouting down an opponent? By destroying the crosses in broad ( no pun intended )daylight does this "color" the act, transforming it into symbolic speech? When does my property become an act become speech? I am surprised at the law students who think appealing to a text ( the Kent. code ) is an answer. I would hope that as students they could entertain the law as ideas, not black letter citations. Offering citations without Shepardizing some case citations is rather lame anyway.
    Here's a link:
    Go Norsemen! Norsepeople!


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