Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Government Propaganda

Right under our nose lies a blog based on the Enquirer's website that looks to be pure government propaganda. Justin Rood has the story and takes down the Grandma in Iraq who is a Public Affairs officer. She's open about it, as it lists on her Enquirer blog:
I get to a variety of construction sites because my job takes me there. I do public affairs, which means taking pictures, communicating the progress and accomplishments of our projects, writing news releases, planning and conducting media events, escorting reporters, ceremonies and you name it.
The fact she lists that is good on her part. Why hasn't the Enquirer made that part of her blog descriptions?

Also, does the Enquirer edit or fact check her PR posts? She is a positive spin machine. She writes only about what she does. Who picked her? She just happens to work with a team of builders. Why do they need a press agent?

This stinks to high heaven. I had not read this blog before. I assumed it was a grandma going off to serve in Iraq and she would be posting the everyday goings on. Instead we get what smells like Rummy's wet dream PR machine. Does the Pentagon get to review her posts before she posts them?

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