Friday, April 07, 2006

BushCo Is Scum

Most are failing to see what the disclosure that the Bush Administration authorized the Plame Leak means.

First ask yourself, why did they do it? What was their motive? The motive was politics. It was meant as a means to discredit a critic and make there political position (the war) look better. It did not benefit the county in the least. It is not a national security issue to ruin the career of a whislteblower.

How is this different from other slime politics? Well, take the Swift Boat crap. There you had Bush using proxies to smear John Kerry with lies. That is dirty politics, but crosses a different line. Here Bush used his powers of the Presidency, his governmental powers to tear down a domestic foe. This was meant to ruin the life of Wilson and his wife. That is an abuse of power. An Abuse of Power is a high crime, an impeachable offense.

Now, a nice wrinkle to this is that Bush, via Executive Order, gave VP Dick Cheney the power to declassify information. That may be enough to shield Bush, but Cheney should resign or be impeached.

The election of 2008 would be greatly altered if Cheney resigned and someone else popular was made VP, someone who would be running in 2008. If I were a Machiavellian, I would be looking at the likelihood of this playing out. (Yes, my mind is looking at this.)

Bottom line, Bush, Cheney, Libby, Rove, etc. are scum. If they get by without feeling any consequences from this, it is an example of how truly ignorant, or blindly loyal people are to a man who has lied regularly to them. If Bush gets no flack for this, his cult following really is a cult.

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