Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blackwell: Oops

Ken Blackwell allegedly unknowingly invested in the Diebold while he was requiring counties to purchase Diebold voting machines. Blackwell claims he did not know this, and his investment manager did it without his knowledge.

Ok, When did he know and when did he sell the stock? He claims he just found out that he bought the stock over a year ago. I am not a millionaire, but unless I am buying into a mutual fund, I know when I own stock outright, and Ken Blackwell should have sure as well known that as well. It should not take the man a year to figure this out. If he was embarrassed by it, well he should be and should have fessed up long ago. He did just find out about it, then he appears to not be the man who would oversee the financial interests of the State of Ohio, which as governor he would do.

Reason #721 not to vote for Ken Blackwell. Reason was is because he's a republican, which makes most of the other reasons redundant.

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