Friday, July 11, 2003

You can call him Mini-Dean?
Adam over at the Nick Spencer Campaign Blog posted this interesting list:
5 Reasons Nick Spencer is the "Local Howard Dean."

1. Both campaigns are building a grassroots network of support that engages new voters and volunteers.
2. Both Spencer and Dean are strong supporters of GLBT rights. Spencer has taken a visible stand against Article 12, and will be an advocate for the GLBT community on Council.
3. Both are using the internet to mobilize support. The site was modeled heavily after, and we'll be adding even more content and features in the coming weeks.
4. Both support ending corporate welfare and focusing back on people.
5. Both Spencer and Dean are not afraid to criticize politically powerful special interests when they act against the best interests of the people.

Now, I don't mean to disparage Nick with the Mini-me reference in my title, but I would bet Adam would be dying to use it, if they were not in the middle of a campaign. Local or Mini, they both work, right?

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