Thursday, July 03, 2003

Porkopolis: Ham and Fat
Greg Flannery's Porkopolis column this week is worthy of praise and rebuke. First the ham: I praise Greg’s stance in regards to the Cincinnati Progressive Action's refusal to allow the Cincinnati Post's reporter into an alleged "community-wide meeting," while allowing a CityBeat reporter to attend. Double standards are often a problem with extreme left-wing groups like the Cincinnati Progressive Action (CPA). They do not want people discriminated against, except when it comes to something they happen to disagree with, like "Corporate Media." What does the CPA have to hide? Are they plotting a Marxist revolution and don't want any “capitalist pigs” knowing in advance? If a group is about inclusion, then including everyone, no matter their opinions, should be the goal. Why would any group starving for media attention keep an outlet out of an open meeting? Fascist tactics are fascist tactics no matter which side of the political spectrum you haunt.

The fat of Greg Flannery's column came in his screed against the Enquirer’s attempt to broaden its readership. It is, I think, a well-known fact the younger generations, say - those under 40, are not consuming news much, especially daily newspapers. Why shouldn't the Enquirer go after younger readers? I don't know if this method of gaining new readers will work, but it might break up the staleness the paper often exudes. Maggie Downs is still new on the block, and passing judgment on her after one column is a bit premature. I have to laugh a bit at Greg for making fun of the use of her term "Dude." I find it pretentious to find a commonly used idiom to be "so last year." CityBeat produces a great deal of well written stories, but it is not the "arbiter of style" for Cincinnati. If the Enquirer wants to try and get a little hipper, it will not hurt anyone. Fears of what new competition CityBeat might face is a battle better fought by its product on the page, than by cheap rhetorical shots at honest actions. CityBeat can get just as stale as the Enquirer. How many more times can we read Socialist diatribes blaming all of life's ills on either business or "persons not of color"? A little diversity would do some good for everyone. Why doesn't CityBeat have any regular columnists under age 30?

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