Monday, July 07, 2003

Early Democratic Presidential Primary Politics
Donald at All Deliberate Speed has taken the latest 2004 American Presidential Candidate Selector quiz.

My results were as follows:
1. Kucinich, Cong. Dennis, OH - Democrat (94%)
2. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (84%)
3. Gephardt, Cong. Dick, MO - Democrat (82%)
4. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (80%)
5. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (79%)
6. Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat (76%)
7. Lieberman Senator Joe CT - Democrat (69%)
8. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol IL - Democrat (66%)
9. Graham, Senator Bob, FL - Democrat (63%)
10. Bush, George W. - US President (4%)

I would have guessed I would have been closer to Dean or Kerry, not Kucinich and Sharpton. I am for the record not a registered Democrat, and I will not be participating in the primary for president. I like my status as an independent liberal. I think this selector is not very accurate in its classifications. I would like to see how a conservative placed.

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