Thursday, July 10, 2003

Did the Worm Turn?
CBSNews has this headline "Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False" concerning the State of the Union the "Africa connection." Atrios has this story in depth. With Bush out of the country things are still fluid, but the CBS story appears very firm.

There are three options that come to a focus in the overall analysis of the issue of WMD. They are basic and simple, assuming the facts are known.

1) Bush Lied (or exaggerated depending on the semantics)
2) Bush and Company are incompetent and/or lack good judgment
3) Pray to Zeus that significant WMD agent stockpiles and warheads are located in Iraq.

Time passing and a lack of a full scale no holds bared search leaves #3 more and more unlikely. That leaves 1 or 2. One could argue both if lying is the outcome.

Kevin Drum has the line though most relevant: "What's the definition of 'is'?"

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