Thursday, July 10, 2003

Nick Spencer Hits the Blog Trail
City Council candidate Nick Spencer has introduced a blog to his campaign website. Nick, along with his team, plan to update the blog daily with news from Nick's travels. A campaign blog is a great idea. It is not only easy to update, it is a great way to keep people coming to your website. I am sure I will drop by most days, but I hope the blog keeps to the tone of most regular blogs: truth minus the dogma. Reading campaign slogans day after day will not keep me coming back. Listening to stories from Nick's adventures or just mentioning people he has met along the way, kind of a "shout out," will keep my interest. This will also be a great way for Nick to respond to the issues of the day with quick rapid response, while other candidates might have to filter their responses through an html editor. I wish Nick and his blogging crew good luck. I may have to keep them in line, hopefully only on blogging etiquette, not on the issues.

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