Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Bronson: Hypocrite
Peter Bronson's column today lambastes the voters for daring to control the police. Peter defends the police union from attacked from City Council and the supporters of Issue 5. I never knew Peter was a pro-union man. I thought Peter believed, as most conservatives do, that the employee should be grateful to his employer for having a job. Peter has repeatedly attacked Teacher's Unions for daring to ask for higher pay and stable jobs. I know expect to hear Peter’s defense of the next teacher’s strike when they expect fair pay and adherence to their contracts, even in the face of newly elected conservative school board members.

Peter has chosen to defend a perpetual contract with police. How is a contract valid when it is made after a new law is passed, dictating rules required in the contract? Why would anyone agree to a contract that violated the new law? Why doesn't Peter address this simple concept? Why isn't the police contract published online? This issue leads to the top. I will look at the role of the Mayor, City Manager, and Police Chief in this scandal in a later post. I might even mention the word "recall." Opps, did I just do that?

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