Monday, October 01, 2012

Where Will You Get Your Cincinnati News?

With the the Cincinnati Enquirer going to a Paywall format tonight, where will you get your Cincinnati News? Will you subscribe? Will other local outlets expand coverage? There are no other mainstream outlets that have any stories that are as in depth as a daily newspaper goes. Will the TV stations improve their online articles to compete?

I fear few will notice.

The problem is that the public, overall, is filled with ignorant sloths, who care more about sports or Dancing with the Stars, than what happens in their community. They wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference if you moved them from West Chester to Dublin, OH, while they slept.


  1. I'm no sports guy. Did the Enquirer offer anything good/unique in that department? It seemed to be the biggest section in the print edition.

  2. I was not motivated to pay for the enquirer before the paywall and as far as I can tell they are not changing their model or content in a way that will motivate me to pay for it going forward. I will probably switch to some combination of local blogs like this one that I already read and the websites for wpco/wkrc/etc. For the record, I subscribe to the print version of a national newspaper and the print version of a global weekly periodical. I would also subscribe to the print version of the local paper if it could provide meaningful content.

    Somewhat off topic - In defense of Dublin, OH - while also an exburb, it is a significantly better place to live than West Chester Twp, which is the absolute worst of suburbia in my opinion. At least Dublin is an actual city with major corporate headquarters and some old growth trees. It even has some areas that are somewhat walkable. West Chester has almost no redeeming qualities in my view. How it continues to attract population is simply mind boggling.

  3. You can blame the "ignorant sloths" all you want, but the real problem is the crappy journalism the Enquirer peddles. It belongs in the garbage can unless I have some dog poop to pick up first. Community coverage absolutely blows unless you're looking to read about some black guy who got shot downtown. The articles are never complete, poorly written and are edited by someone with less brains and talent that the idiot reporter, if that's even possible.

    I am looking forward to the day when the Enquirer is just a fart we remember. Like the Cincinnati Post. And it'll happen. Bad journalism, bad business strategy, bad product.


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