Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Is the Republican Coroner Candidate Willing to Play Politics with Death Investigations?

The point I get from Republican coroner candidate Pete Kambelos' response to a Cincinnati Herald Candidate questionnaire, as reported by the Enquirer, is that if elected, he's going to determine the results of death investigations, like the taser case mentioned, that will appease a group of people he wants to vote for him. I guess finding the truth of the situation isn't as important as finding the "truth" people want to hear.

After determining that a person has a terminal disease and will die, does Dr. Kambelos tell them it directly, or does he spin the truth?

I really didn't expect to find any political issues to actually write about in the coroner's race, but this one is pretty big.

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  1. I think this race is pretty important. Sammarco wants to move forward & Al's cousin Dr Pete would just as soon sit on his hands.
    Check out the discussion on the Dan Hurley show, especially the part on Virtual Autopsy which could speed up operations and even generate revenue.
    We can't afford Dr Pete


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