Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fingerman Running in the Ohio First Against Chabot?

Another candidate 'appears' to have entered the race for Ohio's First Congressional district and it is Mitch Fingerman.

In a district that lacks a real candidate to face the gerrymandered incumbent, it is great to have someone at least making an effort to go through the motions of running a campaign.

Thank you Mitch Fingerman!

He's having an event at Milton's on November 1st, 5:30 to 7:30. Come out and hear The Goodle Boys play and hear about Fingerman's first campaign.

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  1. Finally someone is actually stepping up and trying to take on Chabot! The Dems have really let the 1st District down this time.

    The Sinnard "campaign" is a joke. They don't even have a website! Even if they want to funnel all available donor money to Obama, at least try to do what you can with some grassroots Internet effort.

    Mitch is doing that and more. I saw him at Findlay Market last week, working the crowd, and downtown today - even in this horrible weather, he's out there pressing the flesh.

    Fingerman may not win this time, but I think we haven't heard the last of him... there's always 2014.


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