Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Is Cranley Running For Mayor?

CityBeat has done some good cyber shoe leather reporting and dug evidence that John Cranley is preparing to run for Mayor of Cincinnati.

Some of the few Cranley supports out there read this blog, so I ask them: is it true?

Should I sharpen my knives in preparation for a Conservative anti-urban candidate running in the race for Cincinnati Mayor?

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  1. Cranley is as anti-urban as they come, and he's a hypocrite to boot. John Cranley complains about City spending, yet he received millions in taxpayer provided funding from the City of Cincinnati for his Incline District, including $3.3 million from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2, $1.8 million from the Cincinnati Community Reinvestment Area LEED tax exception, as well as $1.7 million City HOME loan, among other sources. His Incline District is among the largest beneficiaries of the $55 Million Waldvogel Viaduct replacement, which is paid for with City tax dollars.

    He was the chief architect of TIF district financing. He was was at the forefront of the creation of 3CDC and helped create the mechanisms for using public funds to finance that private corporation. Cranley also led the effort to redevelop Fountain Square using million of dollars of City (Taxpayer) funds to do accomplish that project. He now criticizes the use of TIF financing as though he had nothing to do with creating that very financing system.

    Cranley has never once called for any of the above projects to be subjected to a "straight-up vote" by the citizens of Cincinnati, not to mention holding a third vote on any of those projects, as he is now demanding with regard to the Streetcar.

    Cranley is parroting COAST talking points that are flat out proven lies. The man is a despicable hypocrite and a brazen pandering carpetbagger who is so desperate to return to public office that he's willing to spread lies and slither into bed with Finney, Capell, Brinkman and the rest of the COASTers in order to get elected. Also, the conflicts of interest with his development company that forced him to leave Council are still there, and will make it impossible for him to be a successful mayor.


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