Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OhioDailyBlog: Jean Schmidt Lectures 1st Graders On Abortion

The OhioDailyBlog is reporting that Ohio 2nd District Congresswoman Jean Schmidt while speaking to school students, including 1st Graders, on a "day in the life of a Congresswoman", launched into a "graphic discussion about abortion. This reportedly took place in a Hamilton County School. The School also reportedly sent a letter to parents, altering them to the incident that occurred last week.

Schmidt should come clean on this and say what happened and apologize if what is reported is true. She has yet to reply. Even if this was a private school, something not published, kids should not be subject to this type of thing.

I am waiting for COAST to condemn Schmidt for doing this. I guess since they kids here can't vote, Finney won't be going GOP-TV to complain.

Side Note: Schmidt's website (which I will not promote directly) does not list any of her positions. All it has is a way to volunteer or contribute or contact her. Plus the only way to contact her is by direct mail or telephone. Not even a webform for questions. I've never seen a campaign website have less information a week away from the election. It is sad, it so incredibly sad that a SITTING congresswoman does not list her basic positions on the version issues. It's like she's counting on Party ID and the ignorance of the public to win. Imagine that.

I don't think we'll see anything in the media about the abortion lecture, unless a parent will go on the record. A copy of the letter should be enough, but the local media won't bother pissing off the anti-abortion crowd, unless there national ratings in the mix. We've not read much about the details of Schmidt in the Enquirer. I guess writing off the assumed victory is how they serve the public. Oh, wait, they don't do that anymore, I keep forgetting that.

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