Thursday, October 21, 2010

Most Ignorant Enquirer Editorial Ever?

Nothing was going to change the Republican Enquirer's prior endorsement of Chris Monzel for Commissioner no matter how much they claim they had an open mind. That being said, I have to say that who ever wrote this editorial is about as ignorant of what makes for good leadership and governance as I have seen in professional journalism in long time. If that is not true, then someone on editorial board is just not paying attention.
"Monzel sometimes will advance provocative ideas - such as selling the Reds and Bengals stadiums outright or collaborating with other counties on a regional jail - that may not have been fully thought through and may not be practical. But why should it be out of the question to even advance such ideas? Couldn't the discussion at least lead to viable alternatives?

Tarbell has a keen grasp on what didn't work in the past, but Monzel offers a stronger vision of what will work for the future."
Let's review:

  1. Monzel has not offered a vision for his basement, let lone for Hamilton County, yet the Enquirer claims he has one.  I'd like to read about that vision, especially if it is so certain that italics were needed to emphasize the "will" in the online version of the editorial.  We don't read it in the editorial, because it doesn't exist, unless Chris has secret vision for Hamilton County.
  2. What actual 'provocative' ideas has Monzel put forth that are not acknowledged to be impractical?
  3. Monzel has never put forth a plan on what he would cut from the County Budget to make up the deficit, so what is the Enquirer basing their hope on?
  4. Monzel has served as a City Council member and has failed to put forth a plan with DETAILS that outline how the City can balance its budget.  He has failed to do this in office covering multiple years.  Why would the Enquirer think he will not do the same thing to the County?
  5. This one takes the cake: The Enquirer admits that Monzel didn't think through his notion to sell the stadiums and agree it wouldn't be practical.  They know that Monzel stoletook the idea from David Pepper, current Commissioner, who determined it was not practical.  Yet by pushing the discredited idea the Enquirer believes it is a sign that Monzel is better for office?  Having stupid ideas that people who pay attention know will not fly and have already been publicy addressed should be a sign that Monzel doesn't have any vision or plan or care in making the County a better place.  He is just a Republican empty suit the GOP power structure is using to try and win a majority on Commission.
It is obvious to me that the Enquirer wants the Republicans to have a majority on Commission and really don't like Jim Tarbell, so they would have endorsed a bowl of Skyline Chili if the GOP had put it on the ballot. It would be heartening if they could present a believable endorsement of Monzel instead of what they put forth, but the Enquirer can't turn water into win.

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