Wednesday, October 20, 2010

COAST Suppressing the Vote, Again

Chris Finney, head of the anti-government right-wing extremist group COAST, is all bitter about a group of 18 year old adults exercising their right to vote. Yeah, the "students" talked about are 18 years old, or will be by election day. They are of legal age. They are no more mislead by anyone else who gets a free ride to vote, which happens all the time by both sides.

I wonder how he even knew this group went to vote, unless someone at the BOE tipped him off. That alone is worth a few questions by the defense attorneys.

I would like to know if Finney is doing anything about what is going on in Suburban schools. How many football coaches in this area are pushing Republican candidates?

I also would like to know why Finney isn't more concerned about Church Vans allegedly being used in this case. Because that's not be mentioned, I would then wonder how many church vans are used to give Republican voters rides, where only lists of Republican candidates are passed out. I guess that would look bad if he brought it up. It raisers questions, however. How many clergy are out pushing Republicans during bible study? Why don't Democrats sue to find out? I would surmise they don't want to appear to be suppressing votes, unlike some Republicans. Democratic supporters suppressing votes is news. Republicans suppressing the vote, is left to the Bloggers of the world to point out.

Finney is trying to prevent Democratic voters from going to the polls any way he can, but does nothing to identify or prevent the same type of thing from happening in Republican majority school districts.

Until Finney devotes equal time to expose the Suburban schools and the Private schools who allow the same type of thing to occur, then his partisan efforts to suppress Democratic votes will be apparent to anyone paying attention.

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