Friday, October 29, 2010

Bortz's Freedom of Speech Being Questioned

I can understand that the Ohio Ethics Board can see conflicts of interest for public legislators or officials who take actions, like voting or rulings or ordering funds to be spent, in specific situations. I don't aggree a conflict exists for Chris Bortz, for example, but I can comphrend the argument being made. I can further agree that officer holders should not vote on issues that they stand to meaningfully and directly profit from. I don't understand how any official can be prevented from speaking in meetings or to other officials or in open legislative sessions on any topic. How is pubic or private speech an ethics violation? Bortz should be allowed to give his opinions and offer his knowledge and expertise on the Streetcar. He's not a Judge, he is a legislator. This lawsuit is without merit and is politically motivated and should be seen as nothing else.

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