Thursday, October 21, 2010

More on the Brinkman-Finney Voter Suppression Effort

WCPO has a story detailing who witnessed a group of voters arriving at the Board of Elections and testified via an affidavit that these where students from CPS. WCPO reports that Steve Johnson, a volunteer working for Tom Brinkman, made a report to Tom Brinkman, Republican candidate for County Auditor. The information provided to Mr. Brinkman and the details of his Affidavit were not available on the Clerk's website. I wonder if Mr. Johnson was deposed. I am guessing it didn't get that far. Here are some of the questions I would have asked him:

  1. How did you know the people in Church Vans were Students?
  2. How did you know the people in Church Vans were Cincinnati Public Schools Students?
  3. Have you ever seen other Church Vans or Buses or other groups of people arrive at the BOE to vote in mass?
  4. Do you report all people arriving to vote at the BOE to Tom Brinkman? (I would assume the answer would be "no.")
  5. If you don't report all people arriving to vote to the BOE to Tom Brinkman, why did you choose to report this group of people to Tom Brinkman?
  6. What time did this group arrive at the BOE?
  7. What prompted you to strike up a conversation with one of the drivers to learn the group of people voting were allegedly being treated to ice cream after?
  8. Did you witness the group going anywhere for ice cream?
  9. Were you or any other political volunteer prevented from speaking to or handing out materials to these voters?
The last question would be the key.  This is the question I believe is the basis of their case, but it would appear nothing prevented Mr. Johnson from having as much impact as any other campaign.  The other key point I would make with these questions is why this group of people was singled out.  What drove Mr. Johnson to think there was anything wrong?  This is not a unique occurrence.  If he's not reporting every group, then why he singled out this group makes this situation troublesome on his and Brinkman's part.

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