Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Someone Get Chris Monzel a Map

Geography must not be a requirement for Hamilton County Commission, but it should be. Chris, the City does not extended into Kentucky, so efforts to prop up the Airport there are limited at best. Also, the City does not extend over all of the county, therefore you should be addressing your comments to us, not your prospective primary voters out in Blue Ash. Most importantly, during his ranting speech at Monday's Finance Committee Meeting, Council Member Chris Monzel referenced West Chester and Mason in his attack on Streetcars.

Yes, Chris tried to use these Exurban communities to make a point about Cincinnati in regards to why he's against the Streetcar plan.

The "Son of the Suburbs" should just start packing and move to West Chester or Mason if he loves those types of communities.

Before he packs up the U-Haul, someone needs to get Chris a map. Better yet, let's just put out a call. Would everyone in West Chester and Mason, please be sure to vote for Chris on May 4th! We need a voting scandal! Just to make sure. Just so Chris knows and to help keep him from personally driving up the cost of gas. Chris, West Chester and Mason aren't in Hamilton County. The Republicans there can't vote for you. Sure you can get their money, and don't worry, people will be checking to see how much out of City and County money you got for your campaign.

Seriously, Monzel's rant for right-wing votes during Monday's meeting was laughable. He shows all he cares about is getting the short term votes of people who are against the development in and often against the existence of the City. He is not helping lead the city, he is standing in its way.

Chris Monzel needs to move out of the way. He needs to move away from the City he cares nothing about. He has never come up with an significant plan, proposal, or idea that would improve the lives of people of this City. His current crusade to get elected to a higher office is more than prima facie evidence that he is actively working to impede development of the City. He would rather sink money into projects outside the City and outside the State of Ohio. We don't need a guy on County Commission and certainly not Council who is not working for the best interests of its citizens. He's working for the interests of his donors and the special interest extremists supporting his crusade to kill the City.

The good news is that six members of the Finance Committee disagreed with Monzel, and his sidekick Leslie Ghiz, who shared his vote, but lucky for her, didn't rant on about the suburbs. I guess she's not moving out of town, yet.

For more of the good news on Council's action check out: UrbanCincy, CityBeat, and the Enquirer.

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