Monday, April 05, 2010

Root, Root, Root for the Reds Team

Today marks the Opening Day for the Cincinnati Reds. You will not find a better tradition of community in Professional Sports in the Country. People from across the city, country, and entire tri-state area come together to celebrate. Yes, we drink too much and eat too much, but that's what makes it a celebration! What makes it community is that everyone (most everyone) no matter what the political bent or affiliation, shares the same focus, even for just one day.

No matter who is in the line-up, on this day fans have at least some hope for a good season. What I really wish they would hope for is to have fun at the games. Like the song says, sure, it's a shame if they don't win, but it's a game. Games are meant to be fun. Enjoy it, whether you sitting in the outfield bleacher seats or along the third base side in a luxury box. Have a couple of beers, eat a brat or pretzel. Have some Cracker-Jack and have a good time! Baseball is a game best watched with friends. It is the most social of all sports for fans. You can have the best conversations in between pitches. Don't waste those great moments worrying about trade deadlines or endorsement deals.

Baseball is poetry. It has the drama of life: the anticipation, the long drawn out periods of monotony and tedium, but then has excitement that happens in a flash that is worth the time, no matter where your seats are.

Unlike other sports where you are put into a meat-grinder of intensity, Baseball has grace. Most importantly, Baseball illustrates America's core principle, the Individual and the Team both matter. Neither can exist in the game with out the other. In other words: E pluribus unum, Out of many, One.

We all live here. We need to find some common ground. How about a ball game?

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