Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Butler Count Sheriff's New Greeting: Papers Please

I am a fan of old movies.  I love 1930's,1940's, and early 1950's era films especially.  I would guess the Butler County Sheriff, Rick Jones, hasn't seen many of those films, particularly the ones with Nazis, Fascists, or Stalinists in them.  Those types of films were, in that era, depicting those that our country was fighting against.  In those cases "Papers Please" was a phrase used when ever the oppressive police force would randomly question anyone they wanted.  If they didn't like what they saw, or just wanted to take you in, they would trump up an excuse and haul you into Gestapo Headquarters.

Yes, I'm describing cliche movie scenes, but ones that were based on reality.  History is on the brink of repeating itself and I for one am not going to play the part of the innocent resident of Munich  who refused to speak up.

Rick Jones needs to watch one of those pictures.  He needs to understand what oppressive police powers are and that our county has a long, long history of fighting against policies he wants to use in Ohio.  The Arizona 'immigration' law would have been well received in 1939 Germany.  We don't need anyone pretending to be stewards of the law using fascist methods.  While this position by Sheriff Jones doesn't surprise me, it still sickens me.  I don't want Fascism to run my State or my Country. We need sane people to stand up to the Jones' of Ohio.

In this election year, the problem we have is that on the Right, there are few who will stand up.  Even fewer of those running for office.  The GOP needs someone to hate, and Mexicans are one of their targets.  It is sad that this is what many in the GOP will run on. I hope they don't, but they seem to be against all forms of hope these days.

A side note: If a local Democrat running for office endorses this law, speak up, so I can make sure you get as few votes as possible.

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