Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is "First in Print" Working?

Last month, I mocked Enquirer Editor Tom Callinan's "First in Print" strategy. (Well, it wasn't so much the strategy I had troubles with, but Callinan's suggestion that bloggers are just vultures preying on the corpse of the traditional media.)

If I'm any bellweather, though, "First in Print" may be working. For the last several weeks, I've been buying a Sunday paper. At first, it was because there were one or two interesting-looking articles that I didn't want to wait to read until the next day. Lately, though, I do it because I've rediscovered the joy of reading the Sunday paper--that luxurious feeling of spreading out with the paper, going through the various sections, finding hidden gems towards the back of a section you might not have found if you hadn't followed a front-page story to its end, and (yes, I'll admit it!) reading the color comic strips.

So...has anyone else started reading the print edition of the Sunday paper again? Or am I (as usual) alone?

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