Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doers, Not Just Talkers

What I find most interesting and most telling about most of the YP Groups featured in this Enquirer article by Larua Baverman is that they focus on one area, say dinning at local restaurants, and then do it. They are Doer's. They don't talk about getting people together to talk about what needs to happen, they instead get things done. Historically many YP groups have not defined what their goals are and then failed to do much beyond a meet and greet or happy hour. Having personally been part of a YP group that tried to get many things done, with some success and some failure, I am glad to see groups succeeding. I really would get discouraged when I would attend other YP events and see the same people running the events and doing little to bring new faces and new ideas not just to mind to but to fruition.

The problem that has plagued the YP efforts is the failure to define their goals. Is this about improving the community, or is about developing business, or is about personal career advancement? The last option is far too often the case. I for one don't like to mix up goals. Choose one: the community, a business, or yourself.

This is a choice that I think people going to Bold Fusion 2010 need to make. They don't have to just pick one and only do that, they just have to be honest and when they agree to take part in an organization that has picked one of first two options (community or business) that any personal gain is at best a side product, not the goal itself.

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