Monday, April 05, 2010

New Lunch Menu at Mayberry

I've meant to post this for the past several days, but haven't had a chance.

Last Monday, Chef Josh Campbell (see my previous panegyric) unveiled Mayberry's new lunch menu. I knew the new menu was coming, and viewed this with not a little trepidation. You see, I don't subscribe to the notion that change is generally good. In fact, when I find a restaurant I like, there's usually two or three (or sometimes just one!) item that I'll order on a regular basis. At Mayberry, that had been the tuna melt and the chicken Caesar salad, both of which are casualties of the change to a spring/summer menu.

So what's on the new menu? Replacing my chicken Caesar, there's a spinach salad with berries (that can be ordered with chicken). If you like a spinach salad, this is a good one! There's also a hot dog. That was an interesting experience for me. I've not yet been to the Senate because of its $9.00 hot dog. (Yes, the same reason that everyone goes is the very same reason that I stay away.) I'm generally of the opinion that the only reason to pay more than a couple bucks for a hot dog is that it's accompanied by a baseball game. Nonetheless, I tried Josh's $7.00 hot dog. was great. It's a quarter-pound dog that comes with apple-bacon-fennel slaw. I don't like cole slaw, and particularly don't like letting it ruin a good hot dog, so I wasn't sure I was up for this. But this slaw is nothing like cole slaw. No cabbage--that's replaced by the fennel, which is perfectly balanced by the apple and bacon flavors. Had you set a bowl of the slaw in front of me, I'm pretty sure I could have eaten it for lunch.

There are other items, too, most of which I've forgotten since I waited too long to post. A very good sandwich with apricot mustard. A new pasta salad that I thought was quite good (though my friend thought it was a tad over-dressed.) And some of the old favorites, like the burger and the "Sloppy Josh" (which a friend describes as having a crack-like addictive property), remain on the menu, as do the tater tot casserole and the mac-and-cheese.

So if you haven't been to Mayberry in a bit, definitely check out the new menu!
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