Monday, January 18, 2010

WNKU Goes "All Music"

Starting February 1st, Public Radio station WNKU will go all music with the dropping of two NPR news programs(pdf). Gone will be Morning Edition and Fresh Air, programs that can both be heard locally on WVXU. WNKU News Director Craig Kopp will anchor a new program called "Morning Drive" which will feature music but will continue with "NPR and BBC newscasts, local news and local features and interviews that get behind the headlines," filling in the morning drive time.

WNKU is making a smart move. It long ago ceded news programming to the more powerful WVXU station. By focusing on a unique mix of music, they stand to gain listeners and better serve those they have. It also hopefully will increase the rotation of local recording artists and I hope the morning program can be a showcase for local bands and artists.

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