Sunday, January 31, 2010

COAST Caught Lying Again

Truth and honesty are two elements that the person posting on COAST's Twitter account just doesn't understand. How do I know this to be a fact? Well, by first reading this COAST Twitter Post:
DITTO. RT@amybsells:Challenging to come up with new ways to tell [CITY] to stop spending and start saving if they want to buy a [TROLLEY].

Then if you simply link on the profile of the person they are re-tweeting, you can read this:
Finding it challenging to come up with new ways to tell people to stop spending and start saving money if they want to buy a house.

So a house equates to a "Trolley" and people equates to the "City?"

COAST has being cherry picking Twitter post looking from anyone and everyone complaining about any rail service problems. You can find people complaining more often about highway traffic and road conditions, but COAST will ignore anything that does not fit their agenda. I guess today they couldn't find any posts about some kid pissed they missed their train and instead COAST just TOTALLY changed what a person was talking about and tried to pass it off as a call to the City, thinking that using [] will be enough to fool people into thinking this person was agrees with COAST's desire to kill any and all public transportation.

This is what we in the sane world call Lying. It is nothing new for COAST, so for those who know what the group has done before, this will just be more of the usual.

If any politician associates with this group, they are working with liars, out to mislead the public. Their credibility was dead long ago, this is just being pathetic.

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